Studio Policy

Tuition/Payment Policy
Payments for tuition must be made before or at the time of the first lesson of the month. Cash, Check, MasterCard and Visa are accepted. Registration can be done in person, by phone or by the website’s secure system.  Any bill not paid in full at time the lesson/class begins will automatically be assessed an additional $5 fee for the lesson given on credit.
Registration Fee
The one-time $25 non-refundable registration fee will cover the student notebook, printed materials and CD media.  For lost notebooks/materials, a replacement fee of $10 will be charged to make another lesson book and recreate any media.
Lesson Discounts
Families with multiple students will receive a $5 discount on lessons for the additional student/s.
Monthly tuition is due at the time of the first lesson of each month. Lessons are $25 per week for how many time slots on the calendar. Important- Sometimes there are 5 weeks to the month.
Late Fees
If you do not pay tuition for at the first lesson you will be charged an additional $5 per lesson until the monthly tuition is up-to-date. We are willing to make other payment options in advance.
Refund Policy
There are no refunds on private lessons, please check your schedule before committing to a time slot. Missed lessons will not be credited to your account. Please see "Make-up" policy for more detail.
Please be thoughtful enough to let the studio know if you will be missing a lesson. When we are aware of an opening, it gives the studio the opportunity to offer a make-up lesson for another student. You might need the same courtesy one day if you need a make-up lesson.
Make-up Lessons
With 24 hour notice given to the studio, students may reschedule within the same week if there is an open time slot available. If you are a "No-show, No Call" and do not make the studio aware that you will not attend, the student will not get a make-up lesson. Please keep in mind that we are the only teaching facility that offers a make-up because we intend on keeping our commitment to the music education of our music family. 

Audio Recording, Video Recordings, Facetime and Skype  Lessons may be recorded audibly or by video devise by instructor. Images or videos will not be distributed by Grant Cook Music LLC without consent. Said recordings will be shared for instruction by CD, Zip-drive, Email, etc. Such recordings may also be shared with parent if student is not behaving to the standards of our agreement.  Please wear proper attire at all times. (No short skirts, uncovered Yoga Pants, Swim wear, pajamas,Etc. -  Including during Facetime and Skype Lessons. 

Leave Of Absences
If a student cannot attend lessons for an upcoming month, arrangements can be made to pay ½ of  the monthly tuition. This must be agreed upon in advance so the lesson spot can be used to accommodate another student in need of a Make-Up lesson. Again, this MUST be agreed upon in advance. No ½ payments will be accepted unless paid in advance.
All Federal holidays are observed. Although Studio may teach on these holidays, cancellations are respected with no charge for the session. Please call the studio if you have any questions regarding our holiday schedule.
Please keep in mind that the above policies are important to keep from an increase in the tuition.
Thank you,
Grant Cook Music, LLC